This is my naked body.

I don’t feel the need to sexualise it in order to feel comfortable with it.

Why do you?

Every day I receive questions in my inbox asking me to do sexual things, like take close up photos of me touching genitalia, or videos of me using sex toys. People even ask me to write erotica for them.

Look at the photo above. This isn’t sex. This isn’t sexual. This is a naked body. We’re born this way. We bathe ourselves this way.

Why are so many of us so uncomfortable with seeing somebody naked in a non-sexual context that we feel the need to apply one to it?

It’s just a naked body. 

Feel free to reblog and/or spread the message however you can. Let’s reclaim nudity. 

This is like the 3rd time I’ve reblogged this. Cannot have this on my blog enough.


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    Because I’d like to fuck you
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    I agree with you so much. The sooner we realize that the body isn’t a taboo subject the sooner the sickness goes away.
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